The Many-Splendored Reasons to Hire a Copy Editor

How wonderful it is! You just completed your article or book. You’ve read it, reread and reread it again. But still, you’re not sure it’s quite right. There are words, phrases and sentences you’re not happy with, but you’re not sure how to fix them.

This is when you need a professional editing service like Essential Spanish & English Translations and Editing — ÉSETE, for short.

Good editors do more than correct mistakes, they will help nurture your writing, turning your good writing into a great work!

Here are a few reasons that make hiring a professional editor essential:

1. To bring in a second, fresh set of eyes

You’ve spent a long time — days, weeks or even months creating your document. After spending so much time crafting your work, a second set of eyes can more easily see any overlooked issues. Perhaps you’ve used a certain word or phrase too many times or have consistently misused one. A professional editor will help you with that.

2. To save you time and frustration

An editor will save many hours, even days, of your precious time. Instead of rereading your creation for the umpteenth time, you can move on to your next project. And you can rest assured that your work will be edited well and in a timely manner. A professional editing service like ÉSETE saves you the frustration of revising your work alone. The job of an editing service is to correct and improve your document, improving style, word choice and grammar, as well as rectifying flow issues.

3. To improve language usage

Your ideas need to be communicated as effectively as possible. ÉSETE can improve your word usage, correcting a wide range of language-related concerns, eliminating common mistakes and improving word choice.

4. To make your work the best it can be

You want to impress your clients and readers (and friends, too!). When you publish your article or book, your writing needs to be free of grammatical and stylistic errors. ÉSETE will work with you to make your final document the best it can be. 

5. To give you the professional help you deserve

When you hire an editor, you are hiring a professional to do what they do best — and that is editing! Searching for incorrectly spelled words, double-checking style guides, reorganizing paragraphs, finding that perfect word, making sure all the punctuation marks are correct. These things are the job of a professional editor. We are paid for our expertise and our job is to do our utmost to ensure your writing is as impressive as it can be. By helping you to see ways you can correct and improve your work — using Track Changes in MS Word, for example — we will be helping you to enhance your writing ability, making it even more marketable.

Give ÉSETE a look-see today!