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Latest Project: Manual MLA

One of the most-widely used style guides at colleges and universities

Recently, the Modern Language Association contacted me and asked if I would proofread the Spanish translation of their style guide. 

I was humbled to say, “Yes!” 

The MLA Handbook is widely used in the United States, Canada, and other countries. It provides guidelines for writing and documentation of research in the humanities, such as English studies (including the English language, writing, and literature written in English); the study of other modern languages and literatures, including comparative literature; literary criticism; media studies; cultural studies; and related disciplines. 

After our work is done, the Spanish version of the MLA Handbook, hopefully, will be available in late 2023.

Just finished: Escudo americano

This is an honor — copy editing Counterpoint Press’s Spanish translation of American Shield.

“American Shield is an all-American tale of duty and determination—beautifully told by an immigrant, a veteran, and a patriot.” —Nancy Pelosi, Speaker Emerita of the United States House of Representatives

“Set against the extraordinary events of January 6, 2021, Aquilino Gonell's inspirational memoir is rooted in the joys and struggles of the immigrant experience that have long defined the American experiment.”

“Aquilino Gonell came to the United States from the Dominican Republic as a young boy.”Although he spoke no English, he dedicated himself to his adopted land, striving for the American dream. Determined to be a success story, he joined the army to pay for college. He saw action in Iraq and returned home with PTSD. Believing in the promise of our government, he focused on healing himself and supporting his family. His hard work paid off when he landed a coveted position with the United States Capitol Police and rose to the rank of sergeant.

“January 6, 2021, changed everything. When insurrectionists stormed the Capitol, Gonell bravely faced down the mob, attempting to thwart the peaceful transfer of power. The brutal injuries he sustained that day would end his career in law enforcement. But when some of the very people he put his life on the line to protect downplayed or denied the truth of that day, he chose to speak out against the injustice done to him and the country. Chronicling what it means to live a life of conviction, one that adheres to the best ideas of our democracy, American Shield is a bold testament to the power of truth, justice, and accountability from a highly decorated officer and immigrant who exemplifies the greatest aspirations of a grateful nation.”

Meet the Man Behind the Scenes at ÉSETE:
David Rochelero

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For 12 years now, I have been editing and translating books.

My service is dedicated to English and Spanish developmental editing, line editing in English and Spanish, English copy editing, Spanish copy editing, English and Spanish proofreading, and translating novels from English to Spanish.

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