Unsolicited Praise From Clients

“First, I want to say that I thought all of the little edits by David are sooo spot-on. Lots of little things (that I often try to do as editor) like finding where a superlong sentence can be broken into two, removing italics where they’re not needed, catching missing accents where needed, inserting dashes, etc. 

That’s a really great new copyeditor you have! Makes me feel so much better that someone else besides me is looking over these carefully.”

University of Texas Press


“We are very happy with all of David’s work!”

Thrivent Financial



“Tell David I can see that he has done an excellent job, and I'm impressed by how carefully all of you at BPP review a manuscript. I found going through it with all the changes noted was a good learning experience. I am especially grateful to David for catching phrases (such as ‘stringing me along’) or words that would not have been used at the time of this novel.”

Marcia Neely, “Deep Grass Roots”